Friday, January 16, 2009
Bye bye blogdrive

Okay, here's the thing.
I'm not going to blog here anymore. This site isn't working for me. I got rid of the old layout and blogrolling isn't working at all.
I won't stop blogging tho. I just want to keep my sites to a minimum. I'll be here from now on:

This also includes me writing whatever i want to write. Anyway, i've been intending to try something new which is writing a novel online. I might do that at my deviant art blog OR make a new blog at blogspot and start writing away. That will be the first time i do something like that. I want to do it but i can't promise anything. I will update when i can.
I WILL announce here when i create that blog. I guess i won't abandon this blog but i won't be blogging here anymore. Maybe just writing stuff like updates and so. I feel closer to deviant art :p
Go see my you tube channel btw.
This isn't really goodbye, i won't delete this blog. But you'll really hardly see me here.

Thursday, January 01, 2009
rozelle is everywhere

Okay so i'm found on so many sites and stuff. I too can't remember where i am. So here are my contact details, profiles, and etc.
IM: Gmail/gtalk, msn/windows life, aim, icq, etc
Facebook, myspace, friendster, etc - sevenoneders
Yahoo im

Profiles, blogs, etc...

You tube
Self composed songs, songs not found on you tube and other stuff by me.

Do i need to explain?

use my email addy if you cant find me

Need to explain?

Deviant art
Some of my art work uploaded there

Art bristo
The new tickle, kinda not bad site for artists like me!

Blogdrive profile
My profile here, kind outdated

Not like i go there

Luna realm
Something k-man created that reprises the UG

Btw, happy new year

Posted at 06:05 am by 7oneders
What say you?  

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Out with the emo, in with the :)

i deleted the emo stuff.
this blog was never emo and wasn't meant to be emo so out with it.
2009 is coming and my new year wish is to get rid of it. My resolution is non-reaction which i personally know.
Well, blogrolling isn't working so right now, my blog looks boring but i want to start writing funny stuff and all.
Ive been watching alot of comedies and im inspired to share my views and insights on the world and what i think, which is funny of course.
So i rather be happy and have fun. Talking about the funny things in life and etc.
Anyway, i will also be making some changes to my blog and all. Jazzing it up and etc. 2009 will be a good year because i say so!
So let's move on and be happy!
~~~ <confetti.
and yes, this will be my signature colour.

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